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For my graduation project at The Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, The Netherlands, 2018), I developed my own tools for making experimental letterforms. You can see them in use in the video of ArTypoFont. The tools are based on exactly the same proportions as ArTypoFont.

Currently, I am using them to give workshops in and around The Hague to all different groups of people. With this system, unexpected outcomes are created by inexperienced participants.

It is a fruitful way to make people acquainted with calligraphy in a playful and accessible way. I also use them for my own artistic work.

A term of address is any word, phrase, name, or title used to address another person.

A term of address may be friendly (dude, sweetheart), unfriendly (You idiot!), neutral (Jerry, Marge), respectful (Your honor), disrespectful (buddy, said with sarcasm), or comradely (My friends). As an important feature of interface between language and society, address terms can provide valuable sociolinguistic information about the interlocutors, their relationship and their circumstances. *

* The realization of address terms in modern Persian in Iran:
Mohammad Aliakbari/Arman Toni (Ilam University)